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A B O U T   A T E L I E R

We are made-to-measure bridal service where simple contemporary bridal design meets traditional tailoring, focus on craftsmanship and quality with sustainable fabrics. All pieces are true craft of dress making, handmade and producing in our small studio in Bangkok, Thailand.

If  you're interested in made-to-order gown that recommended for brides or bridesmaids, you can customize your special and unique gown by fabrics / colors / shorten or lengthen / embellishment details.


The process of making is :  body measurement + 1 fitting + final piece


Booking an appointment and come to our showroom in Bangkok, Thailand.

+66 850739366 (Sonne , สน)

A B O U T    D E S I G N E R

Indigo Bride is an independent, eco-concious bridal label. Thailand born Yanisa Santanaporn {me :-) } is graduated with a Bachelor of Induatrial Design, Chulalongkorn University. During my studies I spent my time to collected vintage pieces and fall in love with design of the garments with handmade delicated details. After graduated, I decided to open small vintage shop in 2010.


From a love of vintage clothing, I went to studied dress-making, after that I get married and desire to create bridal and special-occasion wears and launch “Indigo Bride” in 2016.


My inspirations are from nature and timeless design. I started making made-to-measure bridal wear to be an independent, eco-conscious label by creating unique collections for bridal and bridesmaid in the concept of  “natural beauty", a true nature is so simple and beautiful, focused on quality and craftsmanship that they and can be worn after their big day as well.

All pieces being made in a small-home-studio in limited runs, from natural fabrics, some unique fabrics are made from artisans from local villages in the north of Thailand such as hand-woven cotton fabric with natural indigo dye, after the process of making the dress, small pieces of fabrics are reusable to design and create the fabric bridal accessories, nothing get waste but precious.

"Indigo Bride is for a bride with natural soul who believe that simplicity is always beautiful. :) "

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